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The launch of code of conduct by Media Authority

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday Media Authority launched Code of Conduct under the Theme: “Uphold Professional and Responsible Journalism in South Sudan.” One of the objectives of the code of conduct was to guide journalists in their work. Each journalist working in country is expected to practice and follow the code of conduct in correct manner of professionalism. Journalists are encouraged to read the booklet and understand it for their daily practice.

During the launch, there were many speeches from government officials, civil society, partners and associations dealing or related to media in the country. Majority of them spoke on how journalists would benefit from the code of conduct thatwas drafted by them together with associations responsible for media houses in the country.

One of those journalists who participated in drafting the Code of Conduct wasthe late Alfred Taban when he was a member of Executive Committee of Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS}.

Nevertheless, in this important document, journalists in South Sudan will not forget the contribution made by the late Alfred Taban in the field of Media. By cohesion, the Code of Conduct was launched yesterday on the date the late Alfred Taban died. He was two year old gone which marked his second anniversary with many people still remembering him.

It is important for media industry in South Sudan to continue remembering his contribution when he was active in the field of journalism together with others like Edward Terso. Now some journalists are doing their best to improve media industry in the country, one day they will be remembered with what they did. We need to make history in any field we are working for, that could be our history at the end of the day.

 During the launching it was said that journalists should write accurate stories and broadcast information that could help the public. It has taken time for media authority to come out with the final document of Code of conduct. Their efforts were recognized by journalists and other stakeholders. It was well prepared with few words so that journalists could easily understand.

It was prepared to put journalists the right track in their work and be able to disseminate the right information to the public.It would teach journalists to know their rights and work within the code of conduct. It means that if journalists are writing stories, they would do themresponsibly because at the end they are answerable for what they have written or broacsts in the newspapers and electronic media

Journalists were urged to improve in their languages whether it is English of Arabic in the media industry. Sometimes journalists commit crime due to lack of media law, now they will understand what is wrong and good for public. The code of conduct would be a problem if used in the wrong way by individual journalists. The right stories start from journalists who went for coverage. The second stage is editing stories which need people who have languages.On the other hand, people read newspapers to get information and education. If not well written, readers cannot benefit from the stories.Still, we need to cooperate so that media is promote in the country.

May God bless us all.

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