Editorial 6th June 2018

The main trade and business gateway, the only road linking the country with the neighbourhoods, particularly that part or area near the River Nile Kubri (bridge), is in pathetic condition. Three or so weeks ago the authorities realized its condition and stopped motorists from using it and diverted them by placing culverts. Vehicles and all motorists are now using an access road in the residential areas. Since the diversion, there is no work which has been started or taken place. Worse still the rains are pouring and the only access is flooded with water and skids with uncontrollable mud. As if this is not enough, water tanks queue almost surrounding the area waiting for fuel from Nilepet petrol station. While the security organs deployed there try very hard to control the situation, it has become pathetic and an eyesore to all. If only some people charged with the responsibilities of repairing this road could understand the economic value this road has for the country, they could not be sleeping on the job. This road, the Juba-Nimule road is the lifeline of the country and its population. All imports, majority by road come through this including foodstuff, oil products and building materials among others. Both domestic and industrial materials being brought in come through this road. There is no reason(s) why those responsible should wait until it is in a devastating condition, when the initial small potholes have turned into valleys under their watch somewhere in the comfort of taxpayers sweat. People charged with providing service delivery to the public must account for their each minute of their responsibilities. The naked truth is that this road is in deplorable condition. There is no need to talk about the damages paid for by motorists, there must be consideration that this is the lifeline and the only ground link for transporting major but basic required items in the country. It has to be repaired not tomorrow, but today.

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