Respect for human being surpasses anything else and must remain intact at all time. Taking away one’s life is a crime, which should be punished without looking over the shoulders. This is what should be applied to those who killed and maimed innocent people in Abyei. Whatever it takes, the killing cannot be justified at whatever cost. The Abyei issues have gone far too long and must be resolved sooner than later. During peaceful public demonstration last week by the community in Juba, their wish was to have this issue resolved and the area be restored to South Sudan. They want to live in peace and do what can sustain them and their families. This act of barbaric nature has been condemned by many people from this country in which President Salva Kiir Mayardit called for speedy investigations to find out who were behind the killings. The President’s concern has also been echoed by other regional and world leaders who termed the incident as very unfortunate. Since the President is an ambassador of peace, the whole country should join him in condemning this heinous act meted out on the Abyei’s innocent people without any good reason. We stand to support the President in condemning the killings and support his peace initiative here and across the borders. What baffle most is that there are international community charged with ensuring that peace prevail in the Abyei area as the solution to their needs are being sorted out but none has come out strongly to condemn the act of killing innocent people, leaving a question mark as to what they are up to. Time has come when the residents should be given their hope of life instead of this continued violation of their rights. Pointing fingers to this or that will not help solve the problem. What is needed is action acceptable by the people of Abyei aimed at giving them hope for life for present and future.

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