The African Development Bank (ADB) has embarked on a 24 million US dollars water project for Juba City and its environs. This is good news only if it will be managed to success. It is good news only when those charged with the implementation will do their work accordingly.

Let us hope that it is not going to be another pronouncement to sweet hearten the public by those required to carry out the implementation.

The South Sudan Urban Water Corporation (SSUWC) has promised to do the work and this has been confirmed by a cabinet minister who stood in for his colleague during the launch of the project.

Juba as the capital City needs 24-seven running clean water like other developing cities of the world.

There should be clear transparency and accountability in the project with more consideration put on those who are going without clean water.

This project should not be like others which have been started but die before taking off the ground or remaining white elephant forever.

For the required development a City of Juba’s status needs to have running water and electricity throughout the day and night that could help in jump-starting many development projects and industries that can employ the many youth who are coming out of colleges and technical institutions.

In fact the availability of water should not be debated because it is one of the necessary components of life and development.

Let us trust and that this time round there is someone who loves this country and who can start and complete the work they are assigned to do.

This we ask of the SSUWC to carry the day and make the country proud by working to complete the Juba water project on time and with dedication.

There is always need to go home satisfied that one has achieved something positive for the development of the country.


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