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With Odongo Odoyo

When l received the post from one of my old friend whom l had not seen for almost seven years,  l was joyful to know that Joshua Nanjero Bisengo, our cartoonist then in both the defunct Kenya Times Newspaper and later at the Standard Newspapers. His message reminded me of his other colleagues, l mean cartoonists, who then dominated the local media houses those who were well known like Maddo, Gaddo and James Tumusime of the Bogi Benda fame. It brought to life our own now, Tom Dai who is fond of taking any available opportunity to draw “Yaba” in his shape of the day. Nanjesh as we commonly referred to him had sent this post that was full of bible and which l would wish to share with you but before that he had asked me for something small for my portrait l was still reluctant when he sent this to me “I have learnt one lesson in life, you can’t get financial gain from religion unless you are a pastor neither can you be in consonance with religion if you are already rich. Mark 10:25 and Matthew 19:24 clearly tell us the aversion the gods have towards riches. When you are rich, you rarely need the gods, money solves a multitude of problems (Ecclesiastes 10:19.) The gods can offer good health and longevity but are jealous when you become rich. They thrive on poverty and suffering” I am sharing this message because l do want to understand it’s full and deep meaning. Can someone out there tell me or translate to me the real meaning. Just like another friend told me some time back that many people forget the almighty when they have full pockets and all going well for them. Immediately things started falling apart (Chinua Achebe), they would make quick about turn to the almighty and anyone seeing them for the first time would wonder how godly they were. It is true that many of us pretend and think money can solve all our problems forgetting that at one time all the worldly gain will remain here on earth. One should be guided by his/her inner conscious and must remain principled at all the time. There is no need to feel jealousy to another person through his hard work and whom you may just know from a far distance not related or commoner to you. I was once told by a friend to be weary of people who talk about others to you because they will do them when you are not with them.In this world there are some people who are just bad luck to themselves because whatever, they touch just crumble down never to be seen again. They do not understand but keep on trying even where they know very well they would not succeed. These are the type who like talking about others after they failed and others are successful. I was once told that you cannot stop human beings from talking positive or negative about you behind the scene, actually, backbiting. Whatever, the case, let their talks not bother you a bit as you continue with your life mission in the world? They will get tired on the way and find when you have gone very far.

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