It took the National Minister for Public Service, Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro to go all the way to Jonglei to address grievances of civil servants who had staged a strike and who were baying for the blood of the area governor over wrongful deduction or misdirection of part of their monthly pay without their consent. Was this because the state administration could not solve the problem which they themselves had created? This is a duplication of responsibilities which is not acceptable as it is meant to mint the little from tax- payers while the state government has all the mandates to handle state matters. It could have been understood if the minister went to Jonglei on a national important assignment which was threatening to factor across the state borders. Events that followed the visit are clear as the state finance minister was shown the door by his boss the governor who had earlier been accused of messing up his own administration. There are people who are creating problems for themselves and expect others to come and clean their mess. The Jonglei mess should be a learning point for other states. Those being assigned responsibilities should be people with integrity and trust in service delivery. It should not be short of this. No reason whatsoever for the minister to have used manpower and public resources for what the governor would have settled within his own administration and jurisdiction. Each public servant should learn to know his or her line of operation and do what they are required to do, not to shelve or shove the same to other people. This is when the country can move forward with  dignity.

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