Members of parliament like other public servants are working for the interest of the citizens and the country at large. Their issues should be open and over-board without hiding anything. They should be living examples of the public in general because of the interests they serve. It will be very unfortunate when what they do could be restricted to border on privacy to the people they serve. When the national parliament convened at the end of August, days later, the speaker called on M.Ps publicly to open their accounts so their enumerations could be sent to their banks. This was to make work easy for the August House management. Indeed, this was done and the legislators got what belonged to them. It beats all logics why the media and other information outlets are being warned to desist from informing, educating and entertaining the public of the on-goings in the house which is now being termed as a crime to report. Paul Yoane Bonju Loaukwa, the designate chairperson of Information at R-TNLA and who in the past had been close to the media, in a statement to the press dated 2nd October 2021 did not mince his words. He quoted several articles of laws governing the coverage of parliament and legislators and went further to warn that media houses which did not conform to the requirements stand to be closed down by sections of those acts which seem to be sending a different signal to the media industry. It is on record that the media did not act outside the house requirements as the matter at hand was publicly announced by the speaker and the media just made follow-up to that effect.It is also on record that in the past when the legislators were paid 40,000 USD, the media reported the same. Why then should this be treated differently unless there is something which the public are being prevented or denied the right to know.

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