No country can talk of effective development without having the youth in mind. For development to take shape, the youth must be involved and empowered appropriately. The revelation by the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports that it would soon establish the Youth Enterprise Development Fund is timely but overdue. This is outlined in the revitalized agreement and should have been put in priority list if the youth were to be considered in the socio-economic growth of the country. If established the fund would enable the youth to be more engaged and actively participate in the economic growth. It would also enable them to be more involved than remaining idle doing nothing. Let the announcement by the national Minister in charge of the docket Albino Bol Dhieu on the expectation of the fund be real and made to benefit the intended group than being used for other purposes. A number of good intended projects have failed or remained white elephant because funds meant for them have been diverted or misused not to be accounted for. There are thousands of youth in the street some with good papers and proper qualifications but lack employment. Some are so innovative but lack capital to start or do what they can do. The cry of the youth from all corners are similar, they wish to have fund to empower them into their own businesses. There are few employers and the white collar jobs are not there. The youth needs a back-up or plan be where they would extract the opportunities for their future survival. Their survival would be beneficial for the future of the country. Therefore, when the fund is established and operational, they should be the first to be considered and be given all support to be able to manage their affairs without interference from external hands.

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