The Catholic Church has moved forward to leave behind what was definitely meant to divide them. The church leadership came out to tell the world that the confusion which recently hit them was instigated from outside. The truth is coming out that even the church is not safe from outside or external interference. Always the motive is to bring disgrace to the faithful in church and community around it. The St Theresa Church in Kator is one of the oldest godly institutions in the country. It has a following and could be ideal centre for outsiders whose aim is to penetrate the country’s affairs through the church. There are wolfs in sheep’s skin who cannot let go of their ill intended schemes. It is heartening that the church understood and came out very clear to clear the air. This was also the take by the community where the church is located who had earlier been accused of rejecting the pope’s appointee who has been accepted and installed to take charge of the church affairs. Reasons have beaten the intended division which was posing a dangerous situation of bringing alive tribalism in the God’s house.  The community and the church should now work together for the benefit of all. After all the Catholic Churches are known worldwide to be generous in giving back to the society. Since the interference has been noted no more room should be given for such in future and the faithful must guard against suspected prophets of doom who are out to scatter their spiritual dreams into outrageous causes. They know how vulnerable the faithful are for their honest belief which in most cases some outsiders would want to capitalize on for selfish end. This should not be allowed and must be watched thoroughly to stop the ill-intentions spreading in the midst of God’s loving people.

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