The innocent souls be spared

I just don’t understand why we are killing ourselves. When will this unnecessary killing end in this country? I wonder why we kill innocent people in senseless wars based on political greed and power struggle.

Reports says tens of thousands of our people have died in this power wrangling war, leave alone those who died during the Anyanya one war. Can I blame the attackers, for instance, the armed groups or the opposition groups (SPLA-IO) loyal to the former Vice- President Dr. Riek Machar or the government for failing to provide security to citizens along the highways, for example, Nimule-Juba road and the rest?

Exactly, who will be blamed for all these terrible attacks, atrocities and killings taking place in the region? In fact, all these attacks, atrocities and the killings going on in the country are associated to 2013 conflict between the government and the SPLA-IO armed groups. Nothing can just come out of the blue against innocent citizens; these killings are deeply rooted in the 2013 crisis that continues to cause agony in the country.

Just a week ago, there was a report that, one of the South Sudanese artists was killed while travelling from Nimule to Juba. According to the news, he was shot and later died on spot. The news which terrified many people especially the groups of the South Sudanese artists who felt dishearten about their loved ones, and of course this is not other than Emma 47 who died in the incident along Nimule-Juba road. This report appeared in Juba Monitor newspaper Editorial column on Thursday June 8, 2017.

And on Friday June 9, 2017, there was also another report indicating that, 14 people were confirmed dead in an ambush on Nimule road. This was confirmed by the Police spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Daniel Justin who said 14 people died after the terrible incident happened along Nimule–Juba road. He pointed out that, three private cars have been burnt and ten people were injured. This is the second road ambush along Nimule-Juba road following Monday’s attack which took away the life of musician Emma 47 and wounded other people.

Leave alone, other incidents which might have happened in Greater Upper Nile region, Greater Bhar el Ghazal region and some parts of Greater Equatoria which are associated to the killings of our innocent people. Sincerely, nothing is new rather than ending the four years conflict in the nation. So many attacks and killings have happened before like those in Nimule-Juba road yet nothing has changed. Such killings have taken place along Juba-Bor road, Juba-Boma road, Juba Kajo-Keji road, Juba-Yei road, and Juba- Mundri road.

But no medicine was found to treat the disease of roads ambushed and killings going in the country from time to time. The peace agreement came and it failed the next day. Now there is a national dialogue going on, and yet the warring parties into conflict are still fighting each other. Therefore, in order for these attacks, killings, and atrocities to end, the government of South Sudan has to take firm decision and sole responsibility of making peace a success in a realistic manner, between the opposition groups and the armed groups so that such incidents are minimized in order to stop the war.

We will keep talking loudly, signing governments in America, Addis Ababa, and in Juba, but if peace is not taken as the first priority, all these efforts and talks would be worse and resources will also be consumed for nothing. The only thing the government, the politicians, the oppositions, armed groups, and the citizens have to do is to bring everlasting peace in the country. Otherwise, nothing will be achieved in the absence of peace, liberty, justice and freedom of movement.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via:modijamesladu@yahoo.com

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

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