For sometimes now Juba town and its suburbs have been peaceful and silent from gunshots. The good trend, which the security organs were putting in place is soon changing to a bad one with reports of shooting and killing of innocent citizens who may not have had anything against anyone except to go about their daily chores and businesses to feed their families. The current wave of crimes taking shape is something to worry about. It is like the criminals are two steps ahead of the security forces and can come out to kill and maim at their own pleasure. This is one thing which should not be allowed to continue. Killing of a person for whatever reason(s) is ungodly and a curse to the off-spring of those involved in the ugly act. It is the wish of all to live in peace and face day after day in peaceful and habituated atmosphere. The police and other security arms of the government have shown their willingness to fight crimes anytime anywhere, but sometimes they hindered with inadequate facilities and logistic support to curb down the menace in the society. Shootings and killings must stop. Who are these unknown gunmen who are having field days killing willingly and without blinking an eye-lid? In a secure atmosphere and situation there ought to be development of mind and property. Police and supporting arms of the security organs should come up with a full proof and workable plan of action that will rid Juba and the whole country of these continued reports of unknown gunmen killing innocent souls who are supposed to live for another day for the sake of their loved ones. Law and order must take the lead-step to bring to an end the unnecessary killings, which have left many widowed and parentless in the society.

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