Editorial 4th June 2018

What is the significance of Father’s Day which was silently celebrated throughout the world yesterday? When talking of gender, the subject always rotates alongside women. Without men there can never be anything to signal and separate the issue. Going through some of the messages children sent to their fathers across the board, it would be understood how some families have managed to struggle through thick and thin ropes to reach where they are today. Father’s Day is significant for family success in whatever form. Little or big. The success of a family encompasses among others sufficient food, shelter, health, insecurity and living in constant doubt of the next day. But it is also said that behind a successful man there is always a steady woman to back him up. Ever man considers himself successful and with go down doing the best for his family. No man unless otherwise, would like to see his family suffer or lack. This is why peace is paramount in every situation. This is why peace is important for this country because fathers would want to see the well-being and the good of the families on day today activities. Men have to start seriously nurturing the restoration of peace in the country. The lead has been pointed and the way to follow laid down. It will be only important to achieve this noble goal. The leadership of the country has demonstrated their commitments by leading the process from the point of takeoff with the assistance of main stakeholders. The majority can only reciprocate these processes by positive and effective participation for the success. There are fathers now who are longing for their families separated from them by the continued conflict since 2013. They would love to be a one united family again in a free and Peaceful atmosphere. Let them get this important mean in the menu. Let peace be restored.

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