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The impact of fifteen South Sudanese killed in Sudan

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the information published in the newspaper saying that fifteen South Sudanese were killed in one of the areas in Sennar state in Sudan. The reason for killing was that a trader from Sudan hired them to work in a simsim plantation farm,the agreement between him and those South Sudanesewas that after work the employer would return them back to their places.

However, the agreement was not implemented by the employer, than one of the workers from South Sudanese hit the boss with stick and he died. This made some youth in the area to get angry and killed fifteen South Sudanese with guns. I had talked on the negative impact of anger which could lead to death of a person and it had happened in the killing of fifteen people.

The reason of writing this story is to inform South Sudanese authorities to handle this case with care. I know the anger of South Sudanese sometimes would lead to revenge which cannot help.

The relatives of the victims should be calm. Those victims were refugees in Sudan and there were so many South Sudanese who were refugees in different parts of Sudan. Let governments in the two sisterly countries resolve the matter in amicable manner.

With the experiences we had in the country, if killing occurred in such manners, people think of revenge. Let us put in minds that we had been united before the Independence of South Sudan in 2011.

Sudanese people were still protesting with the situation in the country. Lack of peace among them lead to continue protests from time to time, it means there is no total peace and stability in Sudan.  Let us not add another problem which can reflect bad image between us and people of Sudan.

There were numbers of traders from Sudan in South Sudan; we need to work together with them and cooperate.We still have common things that can allow us to be one. Some months back President Salva Kiir Mayardit mediated peace talks among Sudanese people which were big credit to us. Let us learn culture of forgiveness and reconciliation.

May God bless us all.

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