The hook of peace has caught the big fish

By Marial Mangar Akol

The US Ambassador to South Sudan has surprisingly confirmed their support to South Sudan conflicts resolution and reiterated that US will never support the formation of R-TGoNU that excludes Dr. Riek Machar.

Yet regardless of the fact that this statement has made sense, the two main rival parties and all signatories to the agreement must together come up to form the unity government as stipulated. But what is quite puzzling is the duration, terms and conditions it took for U.S to recognize Khartoum Declaration of Principles to be bearing the long awaited lasting peace when they were the very first to undermined its content. As if we don’t know, this peace has seriously caught their attention, they are robbing us with our own peace, the African-mediated.

The long awaited peace which was almost emerged successful has taken a step back. The political inhibitors, our regional and international protagonists are working day and night to pull us back to square one. Our leaders must know that this is our own making, it’s squarely at our sole responsibility to restore peace back even without their support if they choose to watch. Let’s not care much about their donation rather than our own lives.

But what has just gone wrong again? What hadn’t they (the leaders) noticed earlier in J1 that they have now realized? When they recently spoke, it was as if the formation would be done on the following day.  The visit of Dr. Riek Machar to Juba a Month ago has given citizens fresh air, trying to energize their hope and reassemble their trust on the leaders.

It’s with much concern that citizens still demand the signatories to the agreement to put aside their differences and come back to the sense of brotherhood. The reason that triggered their abnegation is what remains in the shadow of security arrangements and issue of number of states.

We are tired of war, we are more tired about era of transition. Our resources are transitionally messed. So, Dr. Riek Machar must know that war doesn’t kill the political opponents in Africa but only kills and victimize the voters. You need to be a leader of living citizens. A proud leader must have heart of a father who cares much about his family. Riek must take this time to at least have peace of mind, you cannot be happy when the whole nation cries about your name.

Our nation is bigger than our individual interests, the full implementation to this agreement needs compromises. Let’s embrace what we afford than what the region provides. Our people in refugee camps and those in PoCs need to return to their homes. There are other items in the agreement roadmaps that we will handle amicably while running our government r and peaceful.

The writer is a students at University of Juba. Am reachable at email: mmangar55@gmail.com or Tel: +211924460261

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