The Holiday Security Situation is Calm-Police Spokesperson

By Atimaku Joan

The security situation during  Eid-al-Adhawhich started on Tuesday was calm, the Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin confirmed.

Maj. Gen. Justinrevealed to Juba Monitor yesterday that the police team who were assigned on patrol reported that the city was calm saying there was no criminal reportof any accidents.

“The security situation of yesterday was calm, generally our forces went and they came back but the situation was normal,” said Maj. Gen. Justine.

The Police Spokesperson stated that there were children on the streets of the city during the day adding they went home safely because they were no cases of any incident.

Maj. MajakTuor, the Jonglei State Police Spokesperson told Juba Monitor that, the police had beefed up security within the state to ensure that there is no criminal activity during the Eid-al-Adha holidays.

Maj.Tuorsaid the security situation in his state was normaladding that there were no criminal activities recorded since the beginning of the holiday.

He said the police areclosely monitoring a small group of youth who call themselves ‘Niggars’who are normally knownfor creatingdisturbances in the community.

“From the beginning of the celebration of the Eid holidays,we are still pursuing a small group of people who sometime cause chaos but their activities could not interrupt the celebration,” said Tuor.

He also advised the publicacross the country and particularly in Jonglei State to be vigilant and alert the police on issues regarding security stating that security does not only depend on the police but it is the role of  everyone  to be alert to avoid issues of insecurity.

The policeSpokesperson in Eastern Equatoria Maj. Gen. Justin Kleophus did not comment on the security status in the state saying he was rather busy.

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