Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

I looked at this young man pitifully and wondered what would be his future without making or having his own family. Because Emmanuel Loro (not our own) had a sad tale to tell. His predicament like other age-mates was not how to get married but where to get the dowry. The young man was candid but honest that his age mates were going through moribund of tabulations concerning marriage. The demand for dowry was beyond their reach and young-men who could not afford had decided to remain single because there is nowhere they could raise the high bride price required in different communities. While he is not against tradition or cultural value, he felt that some of the cultures had closed the doors for young men from getting into relationship that would lead to marriage. Indeed his feelings have been echoed by other young men who now prefer to have relationship with foreigners from the neighbouring countries where the dowry proved to be not an issue in marriage. Many of them confess that they would rather have such relationship and have at least two to three children even if the relationship would come to an end some-days. Listening to this young man l felt so helpless and wondered if this is the thinking of the majority, then what does the future carry. I remembered that this did not affect only boys but even young girls who were not seeing future in any relationship they were having and had resorted to prowling at night for survival. Cases of sex-workers being only carried out by foreigners was proving to be on a different take because girls as young as 14 years were being lured into the trade for their own survival. The question is why the society is quiet or silent about all these. Why is someone not talking and taking action to save the future of these youngsters. It is a pity and the situation will hold us captive because we are not doing something to save the future. We are not doing something to encourage the young generation to prepare and plan their future appropriately. Really some cultures which seem to be affecting the future generation should be reviewed and if possible are done away with or cushioned to enable the existence of the youth. They should not remain rigid while they are destined to destroy the well-being of the future. It is hard to believe that some of these happenings are stagnating the growth but indeed the youth feels that they should be heard and given a chance to coin out the family they so wish to have. A number of the civil societies and organizations have expressed their concern over the danger such issues poses in the society. We must all live thinking and knowing that a firm foundation for the future is built now and cannot be done without shaping the destiny of the youth. It might be a long way to walk but that journey must start now.

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