Editorial 2nd July 2018

Barely three days after the signing of the Khartoum Ceasefire agreement had warring forces traded accusations and counter-accusations of violation of the accord. It is not the accusation that matters but most important innocent lives were lost on the Saturday attack which left more than 25 people killed on the spot and hundreds left with injuries that have sent the chills down the spine of those who physically witnessed and those who saw the images, particularly of those admitted in the health facilities in Maban County of Northern Upper Nile State. The scenario is a scene which can only be equated with scenes in movies and operas. It cannot be imagined in real life. It is not who violated the agreement in the first place. Why should there be no order and discipline in the first place in the forces whose leaders had publicly announced to the world that the cessation of all hostilities and all guns had to go completely silent within the 72 hours from the time of signing the accord? Hopes of returning home among the refugees and IDPs were taking root and so high that such report will discourage them from their plans. The skyrocketing of basic commodities had started going down with this short period of time and was expected to do better within a short period of time. What went wrong that the forces in this area did not obey the order from their commanders? The government forces point fingers and the opposition likewise, are doing the same. The wish of the majority would be that they have had enough suffering since the internal conflict or war broke out in 2013. There was hope and high expectation at this round of movements from Addis Ababa to Khartoum. If only peace could be given a chance. If only the warring forces could sit for one minute without firing a single bullet and give consideration to the fate and suffering of the people. And it is if only. Otherwise, they stand to bear the burden of the suffering general population.

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