This should serve as a wakeup call to the Juba City Council which has neglected their basic service delivery to the public. Heaps of garbage, drainage system and waste management is really wanting in the capital city. A number of residents and institutions carrying out business in the city and its suburbs have had one or two things to tell the council but which seems to be falling on deaf ears. Sewage drainage is another area which the council must control. Some residents are forced to bear the smell or sewage drainage even during day time. The council have enough field officers who instead of doing the work they were employed to do are changing their style and instead turning to be tax collectors in every form. The city fathers who are sitting tight lipped should wake up and ensure basic services reached the intended residents who are the tax payers keeping the council’s pocket fully loaded all the time. No one want to talk about roads in the city and cleanliness that should be in place. These are almost forgotten services that have become an eyesore to the general public in different forms, including traffic jam in parts of the suburbs. The governor should appoint the mayor now if it could bring into proper perspective and proper management. Right now the chief officers who are supposed to be running the daily affairs of the council are not doing so and instead are napping on the job. Proper planning that could encourage local and international investments are wanting as there are no known plans to develop the city and have it properly managed. The governor may not be ready to bring in the mayor; however, he should crack a whip on the chief officers to make them deliver services to the residents and the public at large.

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