The government and JMEC report

The Government is reported to have rejected the JMEC report on ACRSS. The report seems to have conditioned the country in a number of issues and went out of the way of the mandates laid down for the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission. Members of the committee from the Government who had been sitting with other members of JMEC have come up with another report which is being perused and on adaption would be used for the peace process. This is the right move which should have been initiated long time ago and since Festus Mogae is seen like he is taking his sweet time to have the matter he was appointed for resolved. There have been mixed reactions into Mogae’s performance with some quarters feeling that he had outlived his usefulness. This we leave to the public to judge, but the truth is the process has taken a while and expected peace became elusive to date except, the National Dialogue which was mooted and initiated by President Kiir to domesticate the peace process with all inclusivity. We must thank the President for this bold move to tell the world that we can solve our own problems by ourselves. It has been praised by the world over with those seeing and wishing this country well. Except those with different ideas or agenda and are still in limbo and thoughts. Some would be seeing the delay in the JMEC line as deliberate while some are of the opinion that if by any chance their work was completed, the JMEC team would have no job and no more green-buck from the donor and sponsor. A fact which many players are doing but do not want to admit. We are not saying that they should pack and go if their mission is indeed incomplete, but we should see what impact their work has on the people they are supposed to serve; the South Sudanese people.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


We are advised that when in doubt do not do it because one is bound to make mistake. It is always healthy to ensure that what you are about to do is fool-proof. This is where we wanted our friend to be and adopt this culture of understanding. He had been at loggerhead with almost everybody who comes his way because his intended “malingering trip” under the pretext of going to cover repeat election had been sanctioned by the boss. SaPT was not going anywhere and that was full stop. The boss is always the boss wrong or right. Having failed in this mission, SaPT came up with another idea. He wanted to know from non-other than Michael Makuei Lueth, Government spokesperson on what kind of report JMEC had presented which was rejected by the Government and if it was time enough for JMEC to exit and let the people carry on with the National Dialogue. He had two options, to see Makuei or Festus Mogae, the latter he dismissed and retorted that time for a domesticated peace process was going on smoothly. SaPT was planning to know how much JMEC and the likes had spent in their quest for peaceful settlement and why the effect of their mission was not being felt or noticed by the general public. There have been meetings and meetings with endless results which were not of any tangible benefit to the people and the country at large. He was so worked up that meetings were being held, some in foreign land far away from the people who are supposed to benefit from such. The be-spectacle man was pacing up and down making noise to anyone on earshot to listen to him or give him attention just to squire it out with JMEC. SaPT was indeed pissed up with Mogae and his team and he supported the move by the government to reject JMEC report in its totality. He had no nice words and felt that they were consuming our time with this endless process preferring to have and promote the National Dialogue all over the country. His mission was therefore to see Michael Makuei and find out from him areas that had been recommended by the government to enable him take the right message to the people in the rural area. But his big problem was that he was also looking for sponsors for his rural area visit. He hoped to come up with a workable solution and this is where parted ways were. Because the man will come up with beautiful ideas but must end up looking for donor money. This is one thing our friend will not avoid in any discussion or any assignment. This is what SaPT is made of.



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