The generation of uncle Government

By Akol Arop Akol

In English, an uncle is a brother of your mother or the husband of your aunt. Let’s make it simple, the generation of uncle means management that employs people based on “Friendship and family relationship’’ instead of skills, experiences and academic qualifications.

Today, to get government job, you need connections and recommendations which are done by uncles. It is my observation and youths experienced the same thing and have given up about government jobs.

Of course, they have University Degrees, vocational skills certificates yet getting government jobs is hard and stressful. We don’t mean that the Government has no opportunities, surely, the government is like a mother and father to all citizens, but the problem are some individuals who take government offices as family opportunity to prosper.

Almost all young men have given up in searching for government opportunities because they know applying is wastage of time. In this crisis, everything is expensive including transport and printing, imagine a young jobless man has to write several applications and make photocopies of documents which cost the pocket money and remains broke.

At the end, their applications are ignored and people in the offices who are in charge only give the opportunities to their friends and relatives.

When I say generation of uncle government, I mean if one has no close relative or friends, he or she would not have a chance to work. Where would those who have no friends and uncles in the offices do, will they just suffer with papers in their hands and knowledge?

Others thought NGO jobs as the alternative but unfortunately there are complaints about nepotism and exploitation and therefore, jobs are on merits of certain people. Most of the youths who might have been victimized or people who have witnessed such mistreatments have raised voices that the jobs are given with sexual exchange or agreement of salary being given to the job-givers.

In the World of today, the so-called human resources Managers (HRs) are charged falsely or evidently. There is no smoke without fire, but though it is not all of them do that, the few who are doing such acts become the rotten eggs spoiling the images of the fellow. It is something that needs attention and research and the truth will come to light. Our young people especially the graduates are suffering with their professional papers.

Despite their qualifications, they are facing exploitation. In order to get a job especially the private sectors, female said they are first given conditions such as sexual intercourse as part of interview and after that a job would be given, on the side of males, they are asked to work for good 3 months and their salaries would be given to HR who give them  jobs. It therefore depends on dignity, personality and living-standards of the job-seekers. Those who think using their bodies is part of life or can subtract anything submit in and young men who feel energetic to work for 3 months without taking their salaries also accept the challenge and work.

The condition is that not everyone has a friend or relative in those offices. There are also proud and upright youths who cannot be exploited sexually or economically. That is why we are seeing many youth jobless, they have no option.

The blames that they should be job-creators is a lame accusation. They may have knowledge and skills but need capital. It therefore an expectation from the government to help young people with jobs or even capitals after they graduate from Universities to set up small businesses.

The youth could also be helped by their parents, but what if they are government’s civil servants who receive low-weights, can we expect a teacher, police or soldier who receives only 3,000 SSP to give capitals to their sons and daughters to start business?

There are government jobs and private (Companies and NGOs) and every business being run in the country is the responsibility of the government to regulate and also know citizens are employed and paid.

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