The future will answer

By Akol Arop Akol

There are people who always like saying negative stuff about the country and the patriots who are working for its welfare. Some of their questions are critical and hate-filled.

When a fellow national participates in activities that contribute to nation building, discouraging and sarcastic questions like ‘do you think you can go far with this with the corruption ravaging this country?’

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”. This means change is a gradual process and not an event.

The mindsets of people that contain traditional pride over, the adapted animosity and ethnic division need to be erased out such that people will see one another as equal.

Who will change their minds? It is the nationalists who leave behind personal business and prioritizes serving the country as agents of change. The more they advocate for peace and development, there will prospect of national prosperity in the country.

We could be in dilemma now, finding it hard to choose between the two paths, the one going to a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan and vice versa.

All that our people cry for is peace to come where there shall be justice, freedom to live with available resources and the rights for all in opportunities and fair treatment in all corners of life.

The people who brought us to this land should not be the ones betraying us; we still respect and give them honor for their contribution to the formation of our independent state.

The journey to total freedom should have been continued by us but things went wrong, and we the youth keep trying all our best to resist corruption, hatred and greed for power and wealth but fail because we are not given a chance.

When we need to use pen, seniors want to use gun and they say this country was liberated by gun. This is a terrible ideology that needs to be abolished among the youth. It worked back then, it’s not necessary now.

The concept that the country was liberated by guns is inherited and passed on by the youth. Yet being the same people who need a better life, they need to be prepared to strive for better future.

That is our duty but in this hard time it is challenging to encourage youth to participate in nation building because of conflicts and domestic violence. This is why people who have lost hope may be asking how one could change South Sudan.

In their minds they believe money and guns are solutions, meaning anyone who is a common civilian may not be able to speak out while those with political ranks do as they please.

But the future will answer the questions of South Sudanese whose rights are being trampled upon. The plight of street kids, the internally and externally displaced, widows, and orphans s vanish with time.

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