The future begins with your determination

By Ayom Atem Jok Ayom

You need to be so determined to make everything easy for your future, even if it means education then go through. The future marks the points you make in life. There are keys that you use to open your life with one is education which has become the key toward world’s success based on technology. Agree by yourself to plan your things for the future, don’t wait for anyone to sign any documents, look at the other side of a great man who has made it to the best level. Please be sure and remember that people always take different ways to success, try your own way but do what may let your name be recalled due to your will, feel free dears and be proud of God’s will for your safety though life shows different colors never try to give up! If you give up then the real nature that God gave you cannot be seen in you which may make you know Seen for your living because this world needs people with the aims of multiplication. Think correctly at your childhood style and free blessing you have now use it very well in order to leave your legacy behind.

God has a kind heart that’s why he gives so many gifts to all of us! He does take good care of you but you also need to care about your life too. The gift that you have in you can make a nice life. If you wake up early in the morning, first thank your creator and start daily programs and make sure in the evening you do the same. Being a good father/mother is known by the values which you set toward kids, relatives take example from the person who is working. What matters to him a lot is the job and what he can get after the work is finished secretly value any job that you have and great outcome. A good father/mother is the one who raises up his children very well. As long as it happens to train then, any better reward marks it level, your children are good to think of you in the future, I wish each and everybody should promote faith, kindness, honesty, love, peace and unity among the families because our today generations are tomorrow leaders so we need to try very hard to transform them such that they will be the peaceful generation, to God be the glory. The writer is a teacher/student and can be reached through 0922157333

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