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The Four Suspects accused of killing Fr. Odhiambo


The suspects from L-R; Mandela Kut Tiir Kuet, Tito Machiek Chol Ater, Chol Wieu Mabok Aheu and James Mabil Dak Machol

By Viola Matela

The Minister of Information of Gok State has revealed full details of the four suspects arrested last month in relation to the murder of Fr. Victor Luke Odhiambo, a Catholic Priest of the Jesuit Fathers and the Principal of Mazzolari Teachers Training Institute of Cueibet.

Fr. Victor Luke Odhiambo was shot dead at around 1:30 AM on the 15th November, 2018 while studying in the Library of the Institute.

John Madol Panther revealed on Monday that according to a report from the Security agents, the arrested suspects were in their youthful age. They include two civilians and two military officers.

The first suspect Chol Wieu Mabok Aheu, a civilian aged 25 from Gok State-Cit-Cok County was arrested on 21st November 2018 at around 5.00PM. He allegedly confessed to have shot the late Fr. Victor Odhiambo with two bullets.

Aheu’s criminal record indicates that he had raided cattle from Jalwau section of Tonj state between 2008 and 2012.

In 2015, he was arrested for selling six jerry cans of diesel tapped from MTN network mast in Agangrial, according to the report.

Still, in April this year, he is said to have broken into a shop in Cueibet, making away with a cash amount of 70,000 SSP.

The second suspect is 23year old South Sudanese from Gok State, Cueibet County identified as Tito Machiek Chol Ater, also a civilian.

Machiek was arrested on 29th November 2018 at around 1:00 AM in Bhargel and is accused as the mastermind for the armed robbery and murder of Fr. Victor Odhiambo.

Machiek is said to have been arrested in 2016 in connection with stealing of three cameras and a bag from Sister’s residence at Comboni Catholic in Agangrial.

Earlier in March 2018, he reportedly broke into the shop of Baipath Lueth and stole 50,000 SSP for which he was arrested together with Chol Wieu and Mandela Kut.

Another suspect is Mandela Kut Tiir Kuet, a 25 year old Corporal in the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces, Military Intelligence unit, Mapel Brigade Division Five. He hails from Joth Mayar County in Gok State.

He was arrested on 15th November 2018 at around 12:00PM. Mandela Kut supposedly confessed to having participated in the robbery and murder of Fr. Victor Odhiambo.

Kut admitted to having given his gun to Tito Machiek, a co- accused with eight rounds of ammunition.

Kut was previously arrested in November 2016 with four others attempting to conduct robbery at a house belonging to a MI officer at Munuki estate in Juba. During the confrontation with security agents, one of them was wounded, the report indicated.

In July 2017, he was arrested in connection with transporting ammunitions for sale to civilians and later in April 2018, arrested in Cueibet for stealing 70,000SSP from a shop alongside Tito Machiek and Chol Wieu.

The fourth suspect, James Mabil Dak Machol, is a 24 year-old Cpl in the SSPDF, MI unit, Fifth Infantry Division from Anyar-nguan County in Gok State.

He was reportedly assigned to Wau state but came to Cueibet on 8th November 2018 and was arrested on 15th November 2018 at 8:00 AM in connection with the murder of Fr. Victor Odhiambo.

Mabil confessed to have given out his gun to Chol Wieu Mabok (co- accused) with 15 rounds of ammunitions used at the crime scene. He confessed to have given his gun to be paid in return. He further confessed to have ever been in Juba together with Mandela and other accomplices not in Cueibet as at the time of the statement.

Last month, Fr Victor Luka Odhiambo was assaulted and killed by armed men at the Mazzolari Church compound in the state headquarters of Cueibet in the wee hours of 15th November.

The deceased was a Kenyan national and had been serving as the Principal of Mazzolari Teachers College in Cueibet and acting Superior of the community since January 30, 2017. He had worked in South Sudan for approximately ten years before this incident.

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