The women’s forum which was established this week should not be by name alone but should be made to have teeth to bite for the sake of gender disparity in the country. There have been so many womenfolk coming up with forums and agenda for the well-being of the women but with little results if any. Most elites are finding it easier to gather in different luxuries in the name of workshops and seminars only to come out with nothing tangible for their members or those they represent. Indeed,the forum should be designed in a way that the major activities were handled and controlled by the rural women to avoid what would amount to suspicion in effective responsibilities. There have been a number of issues being undertaken for the interests of the gender equality. The peace agreement gave women 35 percent slot which some political parties have failed to meet. True women empowerment should not be debatable. They are the foundation of homes and should be made to feel comfortable and take care of what many men do not do although they are the heads of the homes. What is not right is that some women with know-how are taking advantage of the fellow to solicit and extort funds from donors that do not reach the common-woman down in the rural area. It is hoped that the forum established officiated by the Vice President of Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng would not fall in the wrong hand and turn out to be just another dream that women would have wanted to achieve. The forum should be in the look-out for anyone who would want to misuse or exploit the women through any possible means. This is one of the way that women’s affairs in the country can be understood and be promoted for their well-being. Not otherwise.

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