A foot for thought

The formation of land committee is a positive step

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

the report published in the newspaper yesterday said that the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development Michael Chiangiek launched committee to collect information in the areas that were not demarcated.  The information further said the group is going to start their work in Gumbo Today and it would continue in other areas.

It was not clear which strategic they were going to use during the period they are in the field. Otherwise, there are many things that may go wrong in the process of following cases of land. It is better to learn from the past experiences where people lost their lives in the matter of land grabbing.

When a committee is formed, it doesn’t mean that they are going to chase people out from the areas. Their work is to improve the system like what the Mayor is doing these days in Juba. Especially for those who own the land as a community.  The whole area cannot have one tribe and one culture; people need to be mixed up.

This is one of the challenges people are facing in Juba and other places. I am sure the committee will get this problem in the field. We need to cooperate and understand why this survey is important in the state. I am sure everything is done for the welfare of this country, not for destruction or eliminating others.

The most important is the information passed to chiefs. Several of them caused a lot of problems with administration of the government and citizens. The policy of government givedirection but they do different thing which confused the whole system and put citizens into problems.A chief that worked in a democratic way, improve system and likewise.

The issue of land is sensitive but need people to understand and get land in a good procedure.  However, it is a good idea to promote land system and expect better result at the end of the survey.

Thus, the Ministry should make enlightenment programmes in radio and Televisions, so that people understand why this survey is important. Publishing it in the newspaper as a story is not enough.  It need to be carried like an advert several times to make citizens get the right information from the right administration.

May God bless us all.

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