The forgotten generations

By Ngor Khot Garang

Our unborn children, I’m holding tears that will take a life time to dry, tears of the pain we have caused you. This is tears about the bridge we have laid between you and your future; a bridge that will take centuries to cross.

About two decades ago, your grandparents and some of the great heroes gave their precious lives so that you have a better and comfortable life.

I am sorry to say we have forgotten that it was because of you that we rebelled against the Khartoum government knowing that you are coming but something went wrong. We do not know you anymore; the arms we took to fight the common enemy are now used against ourselves.

We sat down some years ago after our independence to decide your future and the future of where you would live but misunderstanding between the same people who fought for you has clouded your future with a very thick smoke.

The misunderstanding came as a  result of who is to lead the nation and the result was very devastating; it has sent many to their early graves, left millions as refugees/homeless,  thousands of children orphaned and the economic gnawing.

Dear future generations, your future is unforeseeable, your grandparents can’t even share the same plate, the people who during the liberation struggles used to care for one another can’t shake hands today.

I don’t know if you would ever forgive us, you are thinking up there that we are building our country for you to be in a better and safe place,  I pity you little ones, we are killing ourselves and you are the one to pay the price for our wrong deeds.

I am so sorry  we have  left you with mess of what we created ourselves, we don’t have food in  store for you, no good schools, let alone roads, division is now the order of the day, even in a small family of three people. There exists cynicism and disunity.

We never knew the people who were once united would ever separate as it is with us today. We have destroyed you little ones, you may be lucky to make it to the earth but you will have nothing to be proud of, only graves, only the remnants or the walls of the burnt houses.

There would be nothing that will let you move with your head up, something that will let you say “my parents have really tried their best to make us a little more comfortable though the rest are under our responsibility’. If there is anything that we have tried, it is aiming gun and hatred, little ones, you are in big trouble, who will you compare yourself with? Forgive us; we have stolen your chance to live a very good life. Your God really loves you and that is why He granted us this country. But I am sorry, we have destroyed your world, we have left you with tears because we have no any other planet to move you to, no neighboring country will accept to stay with you because you have your God-given land. We are so sorry that we have robbed you of your happiness. How will you be happy when what you will first hear is a sound of gunshot, how will you be happy when what you will find is just bare land, no roads, no buildings, no nothing at all. When I say I’m sorry, I speak for the rest of us, I really feel sorry for what we have done, we have left you with a very big burden; we have left you with a very painful world.

I know that the world as a whole is not a good place to live but ours surpasses all, ours is full of pains and worries all self-inflicted. Pray for the little unborn children of South Sudan; remember the forgotten generations of Africa.  They are not aware of an Africa where they are coming to.  Let the suffering end with us,  let the killings and  all sort of vices including division, corruption and tribalism end with us,  they are already plagued but early the better,  make the world a beautiful place as it was meant to be. We don’t want them to be taken care of by the United Nations (UN) or World Food Program (WFP) . They should be the ones to send relief services to other countries.  Remember the forgotten future generations. The more we spoil Africa/South Sudan, the worse their future is hijacked.


The writer is a high school student.  He is reachable via Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com or tell: 0925405723

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