Today (yesterday) was one year since the signing of the peace agreement and 60 days remaining to the formation of the new government of national unity. This is what has been and still is the main cause to peaceful co-existence. The scenario came with the brotherly talks between the two major signatories to the agreement geared towards permanent peace in the country. In Juba Monitor, we cannot be left behind but to continue the journey of restoring peace in the country for the good-being of all collectively with hopes, smiles and happiness abound. Reaching this far has not been easy, the more reasons why there should be a move to ensure the process remained full-proof. There have been concerns from the churches, civil societies, international and national institution members of the public and all that something needed to be done. Now that the way has been cleared and the move to go forward put in place, it is for the entire population to stand behind their leaders and make this a success and a reality. This is how each one should be able to account for the success of the peace process and the formation of the next government. The involvement of all would be an indicator to local and foreign investors that it was time to prepare them for the peaceful investment in the country. This country is blessed with abundant national resources which can be tapped for both local and external revenue generation. It could have been miles away in the development arena if only, the 2013 and 2016 could not have created such setback. These are of the past which should not deter the determination to move forward. There must come a time when the past are put to rest as history and this is the time because the move now is to focus on peace, stability and development.

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