The First Laparoscopic Surgery in S. Sudan by China Medical Team

The photo is doctors took a group photo happily after the operation. Photo by Tuo Yujing.

By Tuo Yujing

Last Friday, doctors from China Medical Team did the first laparoscopic surgery in Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan.

A female patient, Joice Peace Abu Ni, aged 35, who had been suffering from right lower abdominal pain for almost half a year, went to Juba Teaching Hospital, where she met Chinese doctors and received B ultrasonic examination. After diagnosing, they found an ovarian cyst measuring 6*5*5 cm at her left side. The Chinese doctors suggested laparoscopic surgery for her because there are laparoscopic instruments which were donated by the Chinese government to Juba Teaching Hospital.

This kind surgery is a modern surgical technique in which operations are performed far from their location through small incisions elsewhere in the body and it can be done in Juba Teaching Hospital.

Since it was the first laparoscopic surgery in South Sudan, the operation was not so easy due to there was no carbon dioxide gas to inflate the abdomen to provide a working and viewing space for the doctors, but the experienced doctors who have practiced medicine for over 30 years thought of a good idea, they used special medical sutures to hang up the patient’s belly, the medical sutures were borrowed from the operating theater. Umbilical protective cover was also not in the hospital, through their experience they hand made it through another medical equipment. After resolving these obstacles, they arranged the operation on last Friday, June 22nd. With the help of anesthesiologist and chief nurse from China Medical Team and local doctors, the operation was a complete success. After the operation, all the doctors were overjoyed and relieved.

Since it was the first operation in Juba Teaching Hospital, the patient is being monitored by Chinese doctors in Juba Teaching Hospital until she will be discharged.Because this is the single-port laparoscopic surgery, the incision is small with less bleeding, the patient is recovering well and fast, she can discharge three days after operation on June 26th.

Compared to traditional open surgery, patients often experience less pain and hemorrhaging , a shorter recovery, and less scarring due to smaller incisions with laparoscopic surgery.

The patient told the doctors that it is really unbelievable that the ovarian cyst was in the left lower quadrant but the operation was done through navel and the incision cannot be found without careful observation. That patient also showed her sincere thanks to the doctors and generally to the Juba Teaching Hospital.


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