The Essence of TV Talk Show

By Thuou Loi

In 2012 I initiated a TV Talk Show on Citizen TV. I called that talk show “South Sudan on Focus”. The key objectives of that talk show were:

First, do document a bit of the history of our liberation struggle.

Second, was to identify key challenges in the process of state and nation building.

Third was to seek the way forward in dealing with the challenges of state and nation building.

My first guest of the show was the retired Gen. Joseph Lagu, followed by Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik. Others that I hosted included, Hon Daniel Awet Akot, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, Mrs. Rebecca Joshua, Mrs.  Angelina Teny, Mrs. Mary Gordon,   Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Luka Biong, Dr. Barnaba Marial, Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Prof Taban Lo Liong, Mr. Aggrey Tisa, Joy Kwaje, Dr. Richard K Mulla, Onyote Adigo, Gier Chuang, Aldo Ajou, Atem Yaak, Mr. Edward Lino, Atem Garang, George Maker Benjamin, Gabriel Roreece, Amb. Akuei Bona, Amb. Thiik Giir Thiik, Mr. Justin Nyeer Gordon, Mr. Moyiga Nduru, Mr.  Alfred Taban, Mr. Atem Simon, Mr. Mathiang Cirillo, Mr. Abraham Mariak, Ateny Wek, Mario Jackson and many others.

On 14th December 2013, I hosted Hon. Wol Atak (a former MP and Editor of the Nation Mirror) on that talk show and the topic of discussion was “Implications of division and power struggle within the SPLM on state and nation building”. I did not know that on 15th December 2013, there was going to be a fight in Juba, but of course the signs and symptoms of division within the ruling party were crystal clear.

“South Sudan on Focus” was misunderstood by some prominent people. Looking back now, I can comfortably say that I had initiated a national dialogue in my small way through that talk show which lasted one year plus, before the CTV went off air. God bless South Sudan

The writer can be reached via: loi.ezekiel92@gmail.com

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