The elders and children

Junubni Santo

Because of the victimized

The brave young men stood up

United and took arms into the bus

They fought wars, lost lives more

To liberate the captivated

The exploited and humiliated

So where is that heart, vision stolen?

I wonder, how you the strugglers for freedom

Have turned into betrayers of your people

You fought, and they supported you

You won and celebrated with you

Now you lie and they simply die

Day by day, running and crying

Dancing to gunshot and life

No music, no smile and no hope

People try to survive but curse life

Elderly and children have no shelter

Wishing they have not seen the world

How would they live?

If no one knows their rights

How would they live?

When rob of their properties

How would they live?

When they starve to death

World is blind, leaders are deaf

And that’s why no one cares

They get ill, die, but no treatment

They starve but no feeding

Now they die like flies

Dumbed like rubbish

For the father of creation will reward

The elders and children

Because they are the foundation

And the future of next generation

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