The Discord of Our Behavioral Patterns, Dueto Prolong Trauma of Wars

By; James Lemi John

It is generally known that, war is a prolonged state of violence causeed by a large scale of conflicts involving two or more groups of people over some interest, dispute, disagreement in opinion, thinking or ideologies among others. For instance, opposing of the way of leadership, management of governing bodies or conflict over economic and political interest may cause other people to fight.  However, the factors leading to war are often complicated and may be thought of asa wide range of aspects where dispute arises over some persisting issues such as sovereignty, territory (political boundary), resources (wealth), power, ideologies, common interest and many others.Quite often, during time of war, peaceful resolution, or settlement is not quickly sought, fails, or easily reached. Moreover, if settlement is reached, implementation of the articles or some of the contents of the peace accord may face some challenges due to different factors surrounding the circumstance or events around the implementation process.

As such prolong wars brings along trauma and grief. Grief on the other hand can be experience in many different forms depending on the context. For instance, grief can be referred conventionally, to emotional response or reaction to loss. Not only emotional feelings, but grief also hasa physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimension. That is to say; grief can be experience for instance, when one loss a dear family member, friend, mentor, property or other valuable aspects of life. And while, a normal part of life of most people carries some degree of risks, limited support and severe reactions to loss may be carried over into family relations to cause trauma and grief to children, spouses, and any other family members. Mostly miseries and discomforts, sense of hopelessness and not subduing to activities which are descend from the normal order of the behavioral pattern of life usually leads to depression and discord in the general socio-cultural order.

To some extent, family and individual disorders become despair causing break downs and as a result emanate to behavioral patterns that are disrespectful, dishonest, intimating, offending, mocking and harassing in nature. And all thesecould be attributedto the effects of trauma, poverty, and socio-cultural disorders brought about due to the effect of prolong warswhich affect negatively the lives of people in the society. Generally, family is considered as the primary socio-cultural and economic unit which supplies vital values and fulfillment of manpower (labor) to the society. As such the initial behavioralpatterns of its members should be express in term of intimacy, love, care, dignity, dedication, passion, loyalty, trust, honesty, respect, harmony and integrity on contrast to those behavioral patterns of recklessness, cheating, dishonesty, disrespect, being canning, and sarcastic as these can form an immense socio-cultural disorder that may cause discord in the general behavioral patterns of people in the society.

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