The disabled are petitioning the government not to be left behind in the peace process and development of their country at whatever cost. This is an indication that they are feeling being ignored or neglected by the society that they should be serving. Disability is not inability. There are a number of less fortunate people maimed, wounded or born like that who have made a mark in different field of life. Some have ended up being top notch in high profiled position and true they have performed well. The rights of the disabled in the country should be made clear and open so that those who are able can compete effectively in their field of interests. They know the benefit of education and are mostly committed to serving the interests of humankind. That they want the government to ratify the convention of the disabled persons is their constitutional right to be accepted in the society like any other normal person. Although it must be accepted that there are many public challenges facing the government, these should not be reason(s) enough to deny recognition of a particular section of the society. The disabled like other normal people if brought up and given the chance to display and demonstrate their powers is known but selected professional fields. It is time the convention was ratified to enable the society to accept the disabled fully and ensure they enjoy benefits just like others. Time has come to develop talents and this should only be directed to abler bodies. Everyone in the country disabled or not should be treated equally and be given challenges to move forward with their lives. The disabled have sounded their points, it is now the responsible of authorities to give them a breathing space that they are looking for to enable them be involved in building the nation.

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