A foot for thought

The differences between ECSS Bishops should be resolved

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, it was published in the newspapers that armed people came to the compound of ECSS in Bor and sprayed the room of Bishop Moses Anur Ayom. It went on to say that the group might have been supporters of Archbishop Reuben Akurdid who was replaced by Anur.

 I know any criminal activity connected with the church is sensitive. People see it in different ways and analyze them in a biblical manner. The first thing they could ask is that if the church is also doing such a criminal act, who will advise people in the public? Secondly, they see the church as an institution of God and are not supposed to involve in criminal acts like government institutions. It is because of the nature of the work church personnel are doing and the work of bishops.

Yesterday when the information was put on the air for discussions in one of the radio stations, many people commented badly. Others were criticizing Archbishop Akurdid which reflects a bad image in the Church. Most problems arise in the church when the bishop is replaced, it is not for ECSS alone but it happened also to other denominations.

It seems like bishops don’t want to be changed, they want to be in power for good. If they were following church constitutions, nothing would happen to them. Each church has its constitution that guides them like a bishop should stay in power for how many years. If the time comes, he can leave without any condition. I am sure it is there in ECSS, many Christians know it.

Churches are to show a good example to people because bishops are representing Jesus Christ on earth, anything they do looks bad in the eyes of people. Any person holding a big position in the church, people consider he or she is holy. However, we need to help the church, especially in the issue of law in the country. On the other hand, we need to understand the conflict between the church itself and with other institutions. It is time for us to educate one another whether in the church or in government institutions. Doing criminal act cannot help us; it would lead us to judgment at the end of our lives on earth.

May God bless us all. 

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