The deadly monster that got attention of powerful aliens

By Charles Lotara

They say when a news story is taking the world by storm, the same story will be obstructing people from other equally significant events that could be taking place at their nearby locations. And this is the case with a deadly monster that has been ravaging a part of this country.

The beast-like monster had two heads with two different colors, one white and the other black. And, yeah – one shivers upon seeing its different colored eyes. One head had blue eyes and the other had red. They were as big as windows. Not scary enough, right?

When one looks closely in its beady red eyes, the mouth drips lava. Yes. Lava. It is hard to believe how big it was. Remember the size of Bongo Bus and other school buses? Yeah, that’s just how big the monster was. The scariest task was also looking at the eyes of the monster, which had razor sharp black teeth, with its fur striped in black and orange.

The toenails were as green as lettuce. Its fingernails were as yellow as the sun. One can surely catch the glimpses of its fangs. They could slice your hands off in one bite. As one watches it move in a slow way it could lift you up in a second and run away with you before you could blink your eye. The smell from its breath can kill a dog.

It smelled like garbage, like the smell of rotten eggs. The monster’s tail had sharp spikes pointing straight up at the ceiling. The expression on its face showed no smiles whatsoever, it was furious. The monster had six arms.

Despite the current crisis bedeviling the whole world, even Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America jetted in to see the rare character. Of course Trump was not the only one, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong Un of North Korea also came. Who knew about all this? No one!

It is still unclear whether these powerful aliens would tame the existence of this monster. Tourists are guided on their way to the scene for the fear of being chewed by the monster.

By the way, do not ask me about the name of the monster because even sophisticated scientists could not identify what it is. Surely, we live in a very strange world.

Sorry, but today is April Fools’ Day. There was no such a monster. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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