The danger of proliferation of armed groups

The existence of uncontrolled armed forces in Kajo-keji is breeding fear within the communities who are eager to return home from the refugee camps and IDPs camps, according to Rev. Joseph Nicanor Aba.

As a country emerging from years of civil unrest and conflicts, challenges of that magnitude are always bound to manifest themselves in forms of break-way armed groups from the main movement citing betrayal of the movement’s agenda and ideals or hunger for prestige and recognition. But that should never be used as a pretext to plunder property at expense of security, livelihood and well-being of the innocence civilians who are not part of the rivalry of the opposing side.

The danger of small arms and armed groups proliferation is the threats it poses to non-combatants who bear the brunt of coercion, displacement, fear and targeted vengeance meted by suspicious armed operatives.

The case in Kajo-keji is a clear indicative of a wider picture of those whose torments, traumatic ordeals and daily tribulations have gone unnoticed in different parts of the country.   Despite government’s admission that civilians are more armed than the soldiers and the fact there is a number of people claiming to fight for their ‘rights’ and what inalienably belongs to them, there is need to harmonized these uncontrolled officers under one umbrella and train them on how to relate with civilians.

They need to learn how to protect not only lives but also the property which support the welfare of the people.  

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