The current social infrastructure is down

By Jovanto Aleu Garang

The networks of South Sudan don’t cover the whole nation.  How will citizens manage the life without networks for processing and communication? They are out of internet services in the country.  People are not enjoying the rights of being South Sudanese.  How long shall we keep on talking about new Sudan which is eight years old minus basic needs to the compatriots?  People should not be subjected to poverty as well as debauchery life. We are independent in our country to develop infrastructures. The development starts from people themselves when they change their normal ways of life style and unique way of discernment.

There is a need for change in that situation. The two networks working in the country are not stable especially when dialing the number outside the city. Sometimes you may call and it tells you that the number is busy for several times.  It irritates a person who intends to send a message, sometimes causing serious doubts for couples. The communication rate has been increased due to the economic crises.  People are facing some challenges after the largest network was closed down.  The network is ever fainting especially when face booking and communicating.

Do not mistake someone just because of network problems. Trust your friend instead of chaos which will lower you. Friends are lengthening their relationship due to high rate of credits. Nagging partners are at times quarreling because of misunderstanding on phone. This case can complicate the life of people since everything has been computerized and connected with internet.  Facebook connects you to all your friends on social Media.  All things that update and keep the citizen alert like News and jobs are usually found on internet. Life without internet is not different from being in the darkness.  Almost all the companies in the country are being run by the foreigners. How will people develop the country when all the money goes out? All the small service operators i.e. Wholesalers shops and hotels are under them accumulating money and sending out. Money does not rotate in the country.  People should associate in business if we want to develop our nation to minimize the amount that goes out per a month. We seriously need to stop relying on foreign companies.

People who have money can invest in the country in form of companies or institutions to generate more money and it contributes to the development. It looks so foolish to leave your country in dire need of help and invest in another country.  Start from your home construction instead of spending on renting hotels and houses. Roads connecting the country should be tarmac for easy movements of goods and other commodities. Interconnection of roads is completely down.  Ruling parties cannot make everything for us but should give contract to people with money to build. It is from our hearts that we will join the efforts to develop South Sudan.

We need to discard these dirty minds of segregating and tribal thoughts which leads us to civil wars. The problem is that each of us is after her/his needs instead of serving the country. If there is interest for nation, we should embrace peace and unity as one people of one nation. South Sudan is one of the richest countries in Africa only that we don’t know how to explore our natural resources. This is the very reason that every goods are expensive including fuel that we send out. Reigning parties should look into this problem. When roads are good, excess commodities are brought from the neighboring countries, hence surplus goods for consumption and usage. All the countries used to have friends operating the business with them.

The author can be reached via Email: jovantogarang@gmail.com or mobile:  0911333331

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