Editorial 8th May 2018


Education is the key to any development. Educated people have the moral obligation to effectively reason in any forum. The only problem facing many people especially the youth is the culture of reading. They do not read, not because there are no reading materials, but because they are busy with some other activities chasing after money. Yes money is power but not everything. A well informed society makes a well formed decision. This can only come through vast reading and having to catch up with latest on-goings in the world. Many do not know the existence of a public government owned library in Juba. If they know, they do not have time or cannot spare a minute to go there. There must be a starting point and the culture of reading should be taken seriously to enable well informed and balanced decision for the betterment of the country. People must accept to read and learn. The government has put emphasis on education and to this end education has no limit even in old age. Those educated and well learned make development of a country to move at a reasonable if not high pace. They equally make matters easy by making informed decisions. It is even for individual benefit to be linked with current news of the world. Proper presentation and arguments requires one to know his/her subject well. It can only be done by those who have the knowledge of their subjects. These are the people who are conversant with their topic of discussions. People should be encouraged to read and learn more. Public libraries should be opened in every state if possible and when peace is back to enable those longing to read and learn to do so. With the current pace of development in the world, let those eager be given a chance to read more and more. But peace should be restored for the success of all other developments.

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