Everyone has a right of choice to lease or to let out a property to their preferred would be clients or tenants. However there is a culture by some landlords in Juba that should be discouraged. These crops of property owners are not welcoming or giving a chance to single tenants. They want their premises to be leased or rented out to NGOs. Which sounds proper up to a certain point but what they do not understand is that how many NGOs are operating in the country which will occupy these old and up-coming premises within the city and its environs. There has been hue and cry from those seeking single accommodation that are being turned away by agents or landlord themselves. What they should equally know is that the country is growing and with such development of all sectors is imminent. This should not be overlooked which means it would entail the government to come out with action plan to tame and demarcate both residential and business areas. This will reduce the tendency of having business premises, industrial plant and residential houses in the same spot. The tendency of preferring NGOs is to get hard currency. With development coming and suited to local need and approach, these organizations are bound to reduce in numbers. It would bring down the expectation because the current behaviours would have been shuttled down by the emergence of local players who would if anything needs only private accommodation and not business premises including organizations that falls under the NGOs brackets. Time has come for proper planning and order to be put in place to safeguard the interests of both providers and consumers. There should be understanding that hard currency will come and go but the local one will gain momentum as time goes. Landlords and their agents should therefore not put too much expectation on this line of thought.

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