When both Police and the army assured the country that all is well, it should be true that all is well and there was total calm without any isolation and random incidences in any part of the country. It has to be total calm. Both the Police spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justin and his army counterpart Maj. Gen Lul Ruai in assuring the country of calm and peace, however, the latter pointed out that except for isolated communal fights, all was well. This might be the picture that the security organs want the citizens to believe. The truth is that there are serious communal fights in different parts of Greater Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal. This traditional norms which seem to be out of control is contributed by among others cattle raid and child abduction. There is very little to do with political power or influence. The root-cause of the norms should be addressed with a view of changing some practices like one forced to have so many cows to be able to marry a girl. The recent deployments of soldiers in these areas have not yielded positive results as attacks continued un-abated. Time has come when the authorities and the communities should come out with agreeable and workable cause of action to stop the sporadic communal fights in the country. The image of the nation must be protected against wrong information and reports being circulated out of context. There must be order in protecting the integrity of the State which should be the chore-stick of both Justin and Ruai that when they talk they can only talk of total calm not otherwise. Indeed the traditional norms that lead to these fights should have their roots up-rooted. It is only then that there will be total calm and the warring communities will start enjoying life as enshrined in the constitution.

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