Editorial 28th October 2018

The mood of the peace celebration is everywhere and can be witnessed by the activities taking place in the country. It cannot be over emphasized that it has been long overdue because the general public is tired of the gunshots and unnecessary ethnic conflicts. It is the willingness being demonstrated by the public towards this fete that has to be given serious attention by the signatories to the pact. The hope of many is that there should not be a repeat of the past and during this coming transitional period, respect among the expected leaders must be real to confirm the inked agreement. Nothing less and nothing more. Let the agreement take over and be the guiding factor in articulating the expected process and let it be to the benefit of the citizens. There must come a time when the priority is given to the well being of the country and the people. That time is now and having gone through five years of uncertainty, the public should be shown that it is time to once again have confidence in the management of the country by those in charge. There should be only one voice from the leaders and that one voice should be for positive engagement and development. Right now and going by many reports from different quarters, investors are ready to resume their coming back to be involved in various activities including the agricultural sector which should be of paramount as it is the backbone of the nation. There is need for sufficient food production to help fight the looming hunger in parts of the country. There is need for children’s education in more secure environment, there is need to have safer health facilities and there are needs and needs for other basic needs. These can only be achieved with peace. Let it be a priority for the country to think of peace only.

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