The country is awakening

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Although the country seems a failure in every sector, there can be an area of appreciation. This is true for the fact that no matter how blind someone may be, there comes a time to see his or her goodness. As a citizen of this country, I have had time to look critically into where we are heading and this article serves to make known to you what I have seen.

Though a little success and many might not have noticed, I must tell. Back to the history of our country and people, many communities do not know how to get employed and what they can do.  And a few people, who know their duty as work, consider much the kind job to do. In other words, our people have jobs they do not accept because of certain beliefs I will not attempt to for this matter.

And for long, these beliefs have been part of our youth’s livelihood. They live to ask or beg from the parents, friends who have white collar jobs. How long does this have to happen?  It is not bad to ask from parents or any other but what matters is how long you will have to seek financial help from them. They, as your parents, were once having parents. Now, you are in position of a parent and still your needs seem to be in the hands of others. Though you cannot, at any point, stop asking the parents, there must be a limitation of what we seek from them. If not done with the studies, school fees be theirs and the other needs such as clothes be yours.

But because of the reasons such as denial of certain jobs, ignorance and the foreigners having taken all jobs, the young people have been so dependent that they reach a level of independence when they have nothing to be self-reliant. In other words, because foreigners have taken up jobs, the young people have less to do than to seek for all from the parents.  However, the country is awakening. The work of the Juba city council through its leaders is a sign that soon or later the young people will have something to do and be self-dependent. I guess in hotels, the young South Sudanese will be waiters and waitresses, chefs and so on. In the security guard sector, they will have their salaries increased and working conditions improved. There will be not exploitation of the South Sudanese young people.

My appeal to the leaders of this caring council is that in hotels, they must oversee their country’s needs being implemented, in the security guard companies; they must have a team to check the conditions of these young people in the hands of exploiters.  If this so happens, the young people will have a chance to fulfill and do what the country requires of them.

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