The Juba City Council should learn from just the concluded event of the Sudan Peace Agreement and make the capital town a proud scene for both local and international visitors. They should start to learn and understand the dimension Juba is taking internationally and being rated for. The City is becoming recognized internationally with positive activities that are taking place and those in the offing. The City fathers should wake up and make the capital properly habitable with necessary amenities for public good. Public toilets, streets and garbage should be completely reduced to give a different picture of a city that one would like to live in. The council collects small, medium and large taxes from traders but the money seems to be getting into one pocket and leaving through the other. Hue and cry from traders have not made any sense or things better for them since all are falling on deaf ears. Stray dogs roam the streets without care while drainages and waste collection management are done without due care of the possible health hazard they may cause to the general public. This has to stop and the governor with the help of the national government must come out to demonstrate that they can straighten up management in and within the city jurisdiction. Juba City should be managed to bring it to the required world standard of other cities. The council should not only concentrate on collecting taxes from the existing businesses which includes mama mboga but should stretch out their need to reach more local and international businesses which would increase revenue generation. The council should equally work hand in hand with key players to ensure sanity was restored in the city more so that clean water and electricity were provided to the public through collaboration by other stake holders. The most important thing right now is to have a city the residents and visitors would be proud of all the time.

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