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The contribution of Idea by paramount chief Simon Soro


                 Kenyi Rokon County Jubek State for peace through

                   National Dialogue for national unity .



Dear free sons and daughters of South Sudan, please what I put in this paper is a contribution of ideas for free participation of all people of South Sudan in the building of their nation,

Please I am not facing you to accept my idea, it is up to you either to accept or reject.

Dear brothers and sisters I think we all know that there is no peace in our country but do we all really know that, the continuation of the problems in our country is because the answer to the problem is always negative because the majority of the people are lacking power of correcting themselves. They lack spirit  of frankness in telling the truth , they also lack working  together effectively to change the worst situation , they also lack to bring men warriors and youth together to be with real hope for national unity and justice , many people are lacking to deepen love into their hearts so that they understand themselves  better, The big thing is that many of the people completely  lack forgiving one another , so please let us not bring shame to our rich beautiful nation please let us forget the past let us strengthen cooperation between all communities in South Sudan , let us work together to make peace and unity from the grass roots where elders and chiefs are the direct link between government and the people , please let us not to continue to be against God’s plan for peace in our nation, let us avoid blame of the blamers .

Dear brothers and sisters , please let us pray and ask God to bring back to us our lost peace , our lost unity , our lost love to one another , our lost forgiveness to one another , brothers let us know that there is no single way people use for better living but only by combination of ideas . So let us work together for realization of full co-existence. Let us not think only for what is now going on in the country, please let us think for the future of our nation and save it from falling.

Dear free sons and daughters of South Sudan nation, let us know that respect to one another contribute to peace and unity, so let us not separate peace from freedom because nobody can be in peace unless he /she has freedom, but another bad thing is that, those who never recognize their mistakes never know unity, So please let us not allow darkness to be drown near us and the light to disappear. Let us know that peace is not a property of any body at all, peace is for all people on earth.

Dear brothers and sisters do we people of South Sudan know and believe that God sent Jesus Christ to be permanent peace keeper on earth. Do we believe that, Jesus Christ on the day of his going to heaven, he said to all people on earth that. I leave you my peace, so peace is for all people on earth and is now 2018 years on earth under supervision of the holy spirit, so why do we people of south Sudan want to live without peace, let us know that, dialogue, forgiveness, unity are spiritual words, they are in Gods constitution and are the remedy and amicable solution to all problems facing human being on earth. So it is not too late for us people of South Sudan to take on our day, today’s problems together and promote unity by ourselves, so please let the elders and chiefs share ideas for protecting the nation from being dominated by self-seekers for self-interest, let us care for one another with positive thinking, Let the matured people protect youth from being politically used as ladder for some people to climb up to reach their political positions. Please let us end our political differences peacefully so that nobody lives in fear and eat little food with tears and doubt. Please let us people of South Sudan correct ourselves with natural wisdoms.

Brothers and sisters please let us know that , it is possible to have peace , it is not good to have responsibility without taking a number of years to practice the job , let us not bring our own suffering In conclusion, we people of south Sudan want the following be allowed.

1- Freedom for peaceful communities’ assemblies.

2- Freedom for peaceful movement of South Sudanese people in their country.

3- Freedom for sharing of natural resources.

4- Freedom for culture and tradition

5- Freedom for religion

6- Freedom for Marriage to start family.

Lastly please let us the present people of South Sudan not be against ourselves.

Please let us not make our rich beautiful green nation to be a disable in the middle of Africa. Please let us say Yes where the things are good and let us say No where they are bad.

Thanks you all

Paramount Chief Simon Soro Kanyi

Rokon County Jubek State Juba

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