The competition between young and Old

By Akol Arop Akol

The competition I am going to talk about between the aged adults and the young people would explain the misunderstanding where the old-aged and young ones claim the “credit for liberation and chance for enjoyment.”

The elderly ones who once went to the bush to fight for the freedom of South Sudan and those who were born and grew up after the liberation and after the independence of South Sudan have a big gap of misunderstanding which is letting them finger point one another. The old ones believe they have fought for so long and made a lot of sacrifices, and as they got the land they want to enjoy and pay what they have lost.

Though they cannot bring back the lost lives and parts of their bodies that were cut off, they know all the sacrifices had paid the Prize for Freedom. However there are three groups with conflicting concepts on one another and different expectations that they need from the land.

The first group comprises of those who still stick to the vision that was to be achieved as they fought for long with the opponent that was known to be an oppressor and discriminator. They fought knowing that one day a country will exist where indigenous people would be calling themselves first class citizens and enjoy their plenty resources with peace and freedom, though their expectations still remain a dream rather than reality.

These are also the loyal leaders and citizens that don’t engage in conflict, they have never betrayed South Sudan for money or anything. They have never involved in corruption like their fellows. Their value of integrity, unselfishness and patriotism would win them a legacy that the generations will be proud of.

Unlikely, the second group of the liberators think having liberated the country entitles them to be the first class citizens, they want to enjoy while the civil population has no services. Who are those travelling, dining in hostels and confusing the poor civilians to turn against themselves? They are these people of second group.

The pain they have gone through, resources they lost and chances they missed encouraged them to lobby for positions and loot quickly and enjoy before growing too old. Nowadays, if we do patriotism-competition civilians will win, if research is carried it would be found that most of the leaders are not patriotic.

The third group are civilians, especially the vulnerable people who are jobless and not reached by national services. All their expectations and grievances are not addressed. These are the people who always fall victims of conflicts caused by political conflicts and domestic violence and harassment yet unable to raise their voices for a help.

Services don’t reach them to the grassroots, it is here in Juba where the Government is centered and focused. As a result of lack of employment opportunities and limited services for development, the youth have risen for practice mob justice causing insecurities and killing themselves like chickens because many are illiterate and jobless. Therefore, most of the youths practice cattle raiding and give tribal support for their leaders of narrow minds who think South Sudan belongs to them.

The victims of all political and economic marginalization are the civilians who have no power to speak out their burning issues. But they still hope South will be better in near future and we shall forget the past and enjoy life. If the elderly don’t enjoy, their grandchildren will have a chance to enjoy in peace. The dying-citizens are the only definition of true patriotism, despite what they are going through.

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