The Cobras thrashed the Lions 3:0 in Volleyball

By John Agok

The Volleyball teams played their fourth round in the on-going Tournament sponsored by Jubek Advertisement Company yesterday at the Juba Basket Ball Stadium.

The National Federation under South Sudan Volleyball and Basket Federation (SSVBF) organized the tournament sponsored by Jubek-Advertisement Company and has drawn 16 teams to compete in the tournament.

Eight teams from females and eight other teams from the male category. The eight teams still remain in the tournament until two teams will make it to final on 26TH November 2020.

The Cobra Volleyball Club beat Lion Volleyball club at the Volleyball playground near Juba Basketball stadium.

Speaking to Juba Monitor after the match Ajak Abraham Beer Cobra Head Coach said, “We managed to beat the Lion Club in favor of Cobra Club by 3:0. I think we are good in terms of Volley ball category who are now participating in this Jubek Advertisement Tournament, and even our team does participate in both the national and international tournaments,” he explained.

“We are optimistic about making it to the finals on 26th November as we also begin to prepare for the Christmas Tournament. I am encouraging the Sports lovers to continue supporting us and the most interesting thing is peace, since “Sports promotes peace” especially Volleyball is the most disciplined Sport and can build peace through it. It is only the net that separates us, otherwise we demonstrate respect and love among Volleyball team mates,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Yuol Mabior Yuol the head coach of Lion Volleyball club conceded the game although it lost but remain confident for the next match and urged the Ministry of Sports to support them with balls. He also claimed that, the ones that they are using are not original balls and are easily torn when playing.

“I call upon the public and in particularly Ministry of Sports to provide us with sports items, especially original balls. Like now we are playing with fake balls that can easily get torn when playing,” he added.

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