The city must have good sanitation

By Akol Arop Akol

It was years ago when I heard about Juba, that was when I was young. I thought this place called Juba is a big city. Wau was the best town or the city we knew. People who used to move from Juba to other States of South Sudan talked about America and East Africa they have once toured and stayed there.  Those who didn’t get out of South Sudan had to brag about their city, Juba. It made some of us think about being taken to this city by someone or we wished to grow up quick to make our own money and have an adventure.

Later when I came to Juba, I surely saw wonderful things, many cars, buildings, and many people dressed like real city-folks and busy on the streets. Some years later while staying in Juba, it seems like I have come to see it as a small town but not a city, why! Imagine seeing other major cities where most people are educated and working, they also have their means of private or public transport.

If you see some people footing, they are for leisure walk not like in Juba where you wrestle with strangers when going into a public bus. When going in, one has to control his pocket well because the pocket-pickers would remove the little money.

The signs of a better city are good tarmac roads, beautiful infrastructure, electricity, affordable public transport, conducive environment among others. Now let’s pick the environment. Around Juba city, almost everywhere has some dumbed rubbish; papers, bottles and smelling-stagnant water everywhere.

The shape of the city is shaming us. The public places such as offices and markets are nowadays dirty like they are shifted. I once said that we are like staying temporal because we ignore our own citizenship roles. Around our own compounds, business premises and the streets all have dumbed rubbishes that get rotten and send bad smell around. That is a pollution and hazardous for our health.

The city council sometime ago placed awareness signs (posters/signposts) on the streets that people should keep Juba city clean and green. The civilians seem not to be aware of their duties or obey the regulations of the city council. Now, all the streets including the public highways contain garbage which I have seen being placed near the roads. How far have we gone with the development of our city? Don’t we feel ashamed as citizens and government officials?

Is it good that we to go to Dubai, South African or elsewhere and came back to Stay in decorated hotels without developing our dirty city to be like other World’s cities?

Staying in hotels and nonstop touring may make one fail to see what is going around the Juba. This city is dirty and I hope everyone is seeing it. We don’t jump from home to Hotel or Hotel to Airport; we use the same public highways. This means everyone in this city whether a business person, government official or student all know the dirtiness of Juba.

For us to make it clean and beautiful, we have to practice sanitation. One must do his or her role and the city council does the major part. Those containers (dustbins) which were placed on the streets are no longer there, now the passengers throw bottles and any kind of waste materials anywhere but no one collects it. The city council should come up with measures on how the city must be kept clean, green and free from rubbish-dumping and environment pollution.

The Writer is a patriotic youth advocating for peace, human rights and youth Empowerment. He can be reached via Email:akolarop211@gmail.com or on phone +211917318081. Also on Facebook page “Akol Arop Jr. Or Hunting for Change. Thanks for reading.

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