The city is dirty again

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Despite trials to keep Juba city clean, the morale has reduced, the people concerned and citizens at large become reluctant and this gave a chance for littering and careless dumping on public streets.

Moving around the streets of Juba makes one have mixed reactions of pride and shame. The little part for pride is having tarmac highways, seeing towers being constructed and business booming. On the other hand, one would feel ashamed of the dirtiness of the city. Rubbish is dumped everywhere and anywhere even in the middle of the roads.

Last month, the former City Mayor was busy with the demolition of the shops and houses that have been constructed near the road which were making the street congested and narrow for movement of the people. The same work was recommended to be continued by the new Mayor and indeed he continued with his work.

 Roads are open now for comfortable movement. Another issue to be addressed is the dumping of rubbish everywhere. People put rubbish, leftover food, dead animals like dogs and cats and throw them near where people pass.

For how long are citizens going to have this kind of city as dirty as it is and be proud of it like other cities such as Nairobi or Uganda. It needs a collective duty, when you’re doing business in the market or having your own house, you practice hygiene. Collect and store rubbish in dustbins and burn it or contact truck workers to come collect for disposal somewhere allocated outside the residence.

Christmas is near, people need to be comfortable in the environment, they already bought clothes they will put on and go for outing and evening walks to take pictures on streets which would not be good if the city is not clean. 

Why don’t citizens take care of their own city? It doesn’t need one to be assigned, it is a personal will to create a clean and conducive environment.

The city council should be supported in trying to shape the city to be like other cities of the world. This is a message for all the citizens to take care of the city during this Christmas season. Keep yourself clean, keep your workplace clean, keep your house clean and keep your city clean; that’s how development starts. Bringing a city’s development is not all about tall buildings, cars or making plentiful money from a business, but it is about having good roads, clean streets and clean residential areas.

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