The Church must keep its teachings 

The Church has seen many stages in the evolution of the theology and practices of its mission in the world beginning with the apostolic and patristic ages, the middle and modern ages.

Despite of all these changes, the Church’s teachings on love and morality has never changed. The church has continued to teach the faithful to love one another and use their bodies for God’s glory.

Unfortunately, its teaching is reportedly broken by men who are ordained to prepare the faithful for the second coming of Jesus Christ.  How can the faithful believe in the words of God if the preacher himself does not follow what he preaches to the congregation?

Last Friday, 34 Chile’s bishops offered their resignation after attending a crisis meeting with Pope Francis about the cover-up of sexual abuse in the South American nation.

The sexual abuse in Chile is embarrassing to Roman Catholic Christians across the world. The sexual immortality among the priests against young children must make every Catholic Christian filled with sadness. How are we perceived by others and do we follow our vows?

These priests who are complicated in the sex scandal have completely lost the teachings of Jesus about the children. In Luke gospel Chapter 18, 15-18, Jesus ordered his disciples not to stop children from coming to him. He said the Kingdom of God belongs to the children.

We must stand tall to keep the church teaching especially those who are called to the ministry of Jesus Christ. The priests and pastors should be exemplary to the faithful they entrusted to lead. Through their ordination they have been given all the power to administer Christ work but not promote immorality.

Their presiding over the Mass during the Holy Eucharist celebration signifies the presence of Jesus Christ during the last supper. It is very important for them to keep some purity.




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