The case of unemployment of youth

Politics in this country is not very noble because the government is unable to create enough opportunities for the youth to get jobs.

The government is not able to cater for the social and economic welfare of the common people in the country because it is concentrating on something else, something not known.

A lot of blame and criticism is being put on the government for lack of peace and stability in many parts of the country for more than three years now.

The government has misguidedly taken undesirable political direction to allow eruption of the conflict which started more than three years ago in the country.

Lack of peace and political stability has blocked several good opportunities of jobs for the youth and others.

The government has put itself in a wrong path which can easily be adjusted and corrected if the is transparent commitment.

There are a lot of job seekers in the country moving every day with their academic and technical documents seeking for jobs.

As one of the youth in this country, I know that there are many unemployed youth who are hungry for jobs. Many of them are getting a lot of difficulties in finding jobs in the country.

The vision of the ruling party is complicated because the clear vision which the cliques from the ruling party are supposed to take and implement is not embraced. It needs reestablishment with a mind free from corruption, tribalism and greed. In 2011 and other previous good years we were proud of stability and peace. But today, this proudness is replaced with hunger, economic mess and political instability. It is known that the government cannot provide all jobs in its system. But it has a role of creating opportunities by creating political stability and peace so as to attract many investors.

Recently the youth from Bor town in Jonglei state have politically turned their anger to the Equatorians who are working with NGO’s asking them to leave.

The youth of Bor have mistakenly done something bad because in whatever the case they are facing, they are not supposed to point their fingers against very few people from the tribes of Eqautoria working with charities and other NGOs in Bor and other parts of Jonglei state helping in humanitarian assistance to the needy ones. It is unacceptable and unfair for the youth from Bor to do what they are not supposed to do. I hope they would not repeat it in future. Let it end like that. The intervention of the government of Jonglei state must be appreciated. The state has tried to stop the youth of Bor from engaging in ethnic hatred. The government of Jonglei deserves plenty of appreciation. Ethnic hatred is one of the harsh stuff which has obliquely contributed to the conflict in the country.  Fundamental steps to deal with a negative approach of hatred based on ethnicity are more crucial for restoring peace and unity of the nation. The focus on peace building with ethnic hatred will never succeed in a multicultural and multiethnic society like ours. What the youth of Bor did should and must be condemned.

All over the country there is problem of unemployment which needs to be addressed with responsibility and serious commitment. There are many people who are searching for jobs and the issue remains a huge challenge waiting for solutions which I think would not be got soon with the current sticky system.

The system is not working for the common good of the people because of self-interest, selfishness, greed, tribalism and corruption occupying their hearts. I am sure if we have good system of governance, problems such as unemployment, starvation and political disorders will not prevail.

By Omuno M. Otto

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