The call by Governor Louis Lobong for investment in Eastern Equatoria State is timely and should be applauded by all development conscious people. He is assured investors that total peace was back and Torit is a safe haven for   businesses and other economic up-keep activities. This move should be taken in its totality and be supported by the locals who have for a long time longing for peace and developments of their state. Investors should be encouraged to put up businesses in rural areas to create jobs and keep the youth busy. These would make them improve and develop the rural areas for a better tomorrow than flocking in the city where jobs are no longer available. The most important is for the youth to learn from the investors and be able to create jobs for themselves instead of being job seekers. Indeed peace is being felt in almost every part of the country with few incidents of hooliganism reported, but the majority are trying to catch up with the time lost when the country was facing internal crisis. Like Lobong other parts should also open for investments to enable the country to catch up with others in the region. There is need to harmonize the move so that no part of the country should be left behind. Such moves are a surety to reduce insecurity and bring to fold food security to avoid hunger in the area. For the governor, there should be proper and well planned public awareness campaign so that some people who might be having ideas to resist the call should understand the importance of investments, more so in an area like Torit and the benefit they would be able to get. Some of the youth who have been involved in opposing the governor’s action plan should be the first to be made to understand and reason positively.

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